Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All the New Trends

Last weekend was one of our favorite yearly events- the BNCW Home Show. Local Wenatchee area builders showcase new custom and spec homes, and often sell them for ridiculous amounts of money. Brandon and I love going and seeing what the latest trends are and what catches our eye. This ear was definitely a do-or-die kind of year for us because we are building the house so decisions must be made now.

There was one prevailing theme this year- grey.

From Apartment Therapy.

There was dark grey, light grey, shades of greige. It's the new neutral. Unfortunately I'm kind of stuck in creams and tans. Call me old fashioned.

From South Shore Decorating Blog.

I like it, and it's modern, but it doesn't make my heart sing. And it really doesn't go with my dream copper sink.

About the only true inspiration we walked away with this year was a really cool concrete shower floor in our neighbor's new house.

In the meantime the upstairs layout is complete and I will be sure to post pictures when the walls go up. I had an exciting date with the appliance guy (yes a date, it was too exciting to be a meeting), and we should meet with the cabinet lady later this week. Things are coming together quickly, and I'm so ready. The thought of a shorter drive has me absolutely salivating.

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