Thursday, September 3, 2015


I'm a little behind times but, this happened last week.

Our house has a sturdy bottom (harhar)! That tiny little fellow you see is Bowen standing in the downstairs rec room. I'm envisioning this as boy-land, and I shall banish all toys to this realm. I  honestly can't imagine what it will be like to have a living room upstairs that is toy-free and looks grown up. Though I know I'd be kidding myself to think the toys won't magically creep upstairs, the goal is to deport them swiftly and without mercy. 

In the corner you can see Papa Mike being a huge help to us by backfilling with his trusty helper Griffin.

Griffin loves his machines, working and the outdoors. He reminds me so very much of his dad. Who for some reason I didn't catch in any of these pictures, oh well.

I love the view from our house. These high concrete walls are part and parcel of the daylight basement design we choose- but gosh are they spendy, Like make me want to throw up spendy. I can only hope that in the event of  a zombie apocalypse all that concrete will come in handy. 

As of right now it doesn't look hugely different. The plumbers are in the basement roughing in the boys' bathroom and the downstairs bar area. Next up comes pouring the slab, but the big changes won't come until the lumber package shows up in the next 2 weeks. That's when the house will really start to fly! It's exciting but also majorly scary. Also, I think I may never want to make another decision again, like ever, when we get this beast done.

Speaking of exciting and scary- look at this bean sprout.

 Today was his first day of Kindergarten. I am baffled because I'm pretty sure I gave birth to him a few weeks ago. How is he in Kindergarten already? He did great at drop-off but he was really trying to hold it together- his face was flushed and he was very silent. I saw him scrub his face when I walked out the door and my heart broke but he was so stoic when he kissed me goodbye,

Ok now I am going to cry to- can't talk anymore. I can't wait to ask about his first day!

See you when the walls go up.

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