Friday, September 18, 2015

Sticks and Stones

So in a matter of a short week the bare foundation has gone from stark naked to this...

And then just yesterday to this...

It's getting to be a real house now! The boys know where their rooms are and Bowen proudly marches into his and says "Bowen's room"! Griffin apparently thinks his bathroom is huge; we'll see how he feels when everything is in there because it feels narrow to me. The basement rec room is pretty darn big. In fact I stare around wondering what the heck I'm going to put down here. A kid's racetrack? I'm sure it will fill up but making good use of the space is a priority to me because I hate a bad flow and disorganization. Since this will be toy land I will be scouring the area for storage furniture galore.

Griffin isn't sure why he gets two windows but I showed him the awesome view he has. He's way too cool to be kissed by mom now.

The upstairs floor joists are almost all on now and framing of the upstairs should begin today or Monday. The house is flying together and we're doing our best to keep up but sometimes it feels like racing a cheetah on foot!

We also have a potential buyer for the Waterville house, hopefully we will meet him Sunday. In the meantime it's home show weekend so I'm geared up to get some great ideas for finishing off the house. I'll do my level best to take pictures. Ok who am I kidding? I'll say "Honey, do you have your phone? Take pictures!" Poor man.

Until next time...which probably isn't long from now.

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